Explore the Ötztal valley on foot

Our special location offers the best conditions for an adventure-packed walking holiday in Tyrol. From easy family walks to breath-taking panoramic trails and Alpine tours on one of the many peaks in the Stubai or Ötztal Alps. Over 1,600 km of ideally signposted footpaths, 9 climbing aids and a wide range of idyllic



Here you will find some of the suggested walks in the Ötztal valley. From easy meadow walks to challenging mountain tours.

See here for guided walks in the Ötztal Nature Park – free-of-charge for our guests, of course!

Easy walks


Start from Sattele (1,690m) past Feldringer Alm to Faltegartenköpfl with its breath-taking panorama. Downhill past Grünwaslkreuz cross to Gasthof Marlstein guesthouse and back to Sattele.

Walking time: approx. 3.5 hours


Start from Sattele (1,690m) and take the road down to the valley to the junction with Ambergersee forest trail. Take the hiking trail back to Sattele.

Walking time: approx. 4.5 hours


Start from the Ötzidorf car park (1,040m) and continue to the Stuibenfall waterfall and to Gasthof Stuibenfall guesthouse and then to the hamlet of Höfle. Back to Umhausen on the high-altitude trail.

Walking time: approx. 3.5 hours


From the Haiming information office (670m) to Magerbach, on Bojenweg Trail to Schlierenzau and across the suspension bridge to Riedern and back to Haiming.

Walking time: approx. 2.5 hours

SEEJÖCHL (1,060 M)

Start from the Acherkogelbahn car park (820m), continue to the rafting base, towards Wellerbrücke Habichen bridge. From there up to Piburger See Lake in Piburg and then up Seejöchl. Descent: on Rudolf-Schock Trail back to Oetz.

Walking time: approx. 3 hours


Start from Marlstein (1,800m) and continue past Mareil to Dortmunder Hütte (1,949m) in Kühtai. Return past the Längental reservoir to Mittergradhütte hut (not serviced) and to Obere Iss. From there past Mareil back to Marlstein.

Walking time: 4.5 hours



Start out from the Sattele (1,690 m) and walk via the Feldringer Alm. From here, turn off along the Bettlersteig to the Faltegartenköpfl (2,184 m) with its breath-taking panoramic views. Descent via the Feldring Alm and back to the Sattele.

VARIATION: Return via Marlstein - Sattele.

Walk time: 4.5 hours


Start from Mareil -  Issbrücke bridge (1,745m). Ascent past Obere Iss towards Balbach Sennhütte to the Zwölferköpfl junction. Continue past Pfotschekar to Balbach Sennhütte and back to Ochsengarten. Good bus connection from Mareil – Issbrücke.

Walking time: 4 hours


Start above the church of Sautens and hike across the fields to Knappensteig Trail. The trail ascends to the historic mine (Knappenlöcher) and passes a pre-Christian ritual site (Opferstein). Continue on a steep forestry trail to Wendeplatz (1,350m) and to Bärentalhütte (1,650m). The hut is not serviced. 

Walking time: 3 hours

MAISALM (1,631 M)

Start above of the church of Sautens and head towards “Drei-Kirchen-Blick” vantage point to the forestry road. After 16 bends you get to a junction. From there the forestry trail to the right leads up to the Roppen forestry trail which leads to Reichenalm (not serviced). From there you follow the forestry trail downhill from 1km to get to Maisalm hut.

Walking time: 4.5 hours



Start out from Magerbach (663 m) and walk via the Schottergrube up to the Lintig Alm (no catering) then on to the bend and up to the Haiminger Alm (with overnight accommodation). Return along the same route. Summit: Haiminger Kreuz (2,232 m) - Tschirgant (2,370 m).

Walk time: 5.5 hours

KARALM (2,122 M)

Start above the church of Sautens; follow the forestry road or Knappensteig Trail to Bärentalhütte (1,650m). The hut is not serviced. From there take the cross-way to Bachfalle and continue then steeply ascending to Karalm. Further tours: Erster Karkopf summit, Erlanger Hut, Armelen Hut.

Walking time: 5.5 hours