Relaxation up on high


Enjoy a combination of partial body and foot reflexology massage.

After the partial massage you will get still healing, warm bog on your back!

Duration 50 min. € 90,00
Reflexology Massage 25 Min.

All organs, joints and body parts of humans have their corresponding reflex zones on the foot and can be influenced by pressure on them. The self-healing powers of the body are boosted, tensions and blockades are relieved and energy deficiency is appeased. Reflex massage!

Duration 25 min. € 45,00
Sports massage "Forest walk"

A foot bath is followed by a refreshing treatment for feet and legs and a sporty body massage with foam rollers. In addition to highly effective oils from sage, juniper berries, rosemary and thyme, the very special phytopowers of moss, lichen, ferns, mistletoe, mushrooms and herbs are used, which do a lot of good for muscles and joints and at the same time give the skin a lot of moisture, elasticity and regeneration.
It doesn't matter whether you've been dancing on your head in the mountains all day or indulged in sweet idleness - this massage will freshen you up for new challenges.

Duration 50 min. € 105,00
Time out by alpienne

Deeply relaxing, flowing and stroking techniques for the face, hands, feet, back and neck

Wonderful oils and creams with the best beekeeper propolis, yarrow, mullein and a multifunctional wild berry extract are used, which also benefit dehydrated, severely irritated and impure skin. During the tension-relieving treatment, the body is intensively supplied with beneficial bioactives, the skin barrier is strengthened, and the elasticity of the skin and muscles is increased. A strengthening break with a lasting effect.

Duration 50 min. € 85,00
Tyrolean massage

Classic Massage with Swiss pine oil yields a special feeling of well-being.

Duration 25 min. € 45,00
Duration 50 min. € 80,00
Alpienne foot bath with foot massage


Simple cleaning is often not enough to get the stressed body and skin going again. The WALD.MEISTER bathroom gives you a short holiday on soft moss, between trees, herbs and ferns - peace and freedom, strength and pure life! The skin is remineralized and intensively hydrated, blood circulation is stimulated and regeneration is activated.
Benefits: A purely plant-based energy boost for skin, muscles and joints. Intense rehydration and remineralization. Sage, thyme, rosemary and juniper ensure targeted activation.
Foot bath with peeling and foot and leg massage

Duration 25 min. € 45,00
alpienne DETOX Treatment

New energies for everyday life and regulation of the acid-base balance.

At the start you will receive a foot bath combined with a shoulder massage. This revs up the natural detox process, stimulates blood circulation and deacidifies. It continues with a foot massage. The subsequent back treatment with detox gel channels all pollutants and toxins out of the body. Draining pads for feet, liver, bile and kidneys stimulate the metabolism. A back massage with warm honey oil completes the treatment.

Duration 50 min. € 95,00
Duration 75 min. € 125,00
Aroma of the herb garden

Relaxing and balancing herbal stamp massage.

A soothing full-body treatment with valuable oils, selected herbal mixtures and unique synergies of active ingredients. The herbal stamps are guided over the body with gentle pressure. The herbs help to reduce stress and provide new vitality.

Duration 25 min. € 50,00
Duration 50 min. € 95,00
Hot Stone Massage

The massage with hot stones is an ancient healing method in different cultures. It has been used throughout Asia, the Pacific and America for centuries. Heated stones are placed on the body, while the therapist works on the areas to be treated with special stones. The combination of gentle massages and deep-acting heat is a real miracle cure for deep-seated tension and muscle hardening. The hot stone massage harmonises your energy centers and you feel good all over.

Duration 50 min. € 90,00
Ear candle therapy with massage

Ear candles go back to the Hopi Indians. Here too they were used in folk medicine – but fell in oblivion. Only in the last years their enormous efficacy for treating head complaints of all kind has attracted renewed interest. This therapy is used for complaints of the paranasal sinuses, tinnitus, ear noise, otalgia, chronic ear complaints, circulatory disturbances of the ears, head pressure, colds, lymphostasis in the neck and throat area.

Duration 25 min. € 45,00

Especially for stressed people

Especially effective in the shoulder, neck and head area.
The muscles are relaxed, tension is released and new energy is released.

Duration 25 min. € 45,00
Duration 50 min. € 80,00
salt on my skin

For deep cleansing and intensive care of the entire body

Decelerating, cleansing and caring. Energizing and remineralizing through the combination of a natural salt full body peeling followed by a massage with hot and cold salt stones. Enjoy this great treatment

Duration 75 min. € 125,00

We also pamper little guests with big demands

Only natural products from alpienne are applied to the skin of our little darlings.

Duration 25 min. € 45,00