Beauty from head to toe

Love Poems by Rosenkind

A beauty treatment for the body

A declaration of love for the skin, an intensive care ritual with hypoallergenic formulations made from natural moisture boosters, strong antioxidants and biologically regenerating and revitalizing elements.
Enjoy a rose body scrub followed by a body wrap. Your skin will be intensively and sustainably moisturized, firmed, strengthened and toned.

Duration 50 min. € 80,00
Haimingerberg Hay body pack

The scent of the hay makes the treatment unforgettable

and the fresh hay is beneficial for the musculoskeletal system and joints. In combination with the floating lounger, the warmth and weightlessness put you in a deeply relaxed state.

Duration 25 min. € 42,00
Evening primerose oil pack

The body pack provides moisture and has a strong moisturizing effect on very dry skin.

It stimulates the metabolism, specifically supports the female hormone balance and slows down the aging process of the skin.

Duration 25 min. € 42,00
Body exfoliation with marigold

Body peeling with the power of calendula

Dead skin cells are gently and delicately removed using a marigold sea salt rub. The marigold has been regarded as a healing plant since ancient times.

Duration 25 min. € 38,00
Body pack Repair

Relaxing body pack from alpienne

Marble oil, gentian root, lanolin, spelled flour and olive oil promote blood circulation and relieve tension and cramps in the muscles.
Perfect after sport!

Duration 25 min. € 45,00

Face plus - as part of a facial treatment

Dyeing of eyelashes

as part

of a facial treatment

€ 15,00
Dyeing of eyebrows

as part of

a facial treatment

€ 15,00
Shaping of eyebrows

as part of

a facial treatment

€ 15,00