The schlössl good mood breakfast

The perfect start to a successful day’s holiday

The name says it all: Our good mood breakfast ensures a great atmosphere early in the morning! Responsible for this is our breakfast cook Bernd, who will be happy to freshly prepare your desired egg dishes.

Many of our breakfast specialties come from our own production, are handmade with love - like our sourdough bread - or we source them from local farmers and suppliers. You will taste the difference! Homemade jam, sausages made from deer from our own hunt or the delicious apples from Haiming are simply a dream. Fresh coffee, organic tea, ripe fruits, sweet croissants, muesli and much more...

Enjoy your breakfast, it's the best start to your day in the Ötztal!

The perfect boost

Our breakfast chef Bernd will cook to your heart’s content and put you in a good mood.