Facial Alpienne

Bright Eyes

This Alpienne pampering treatment ensures radiant looks in five steps. Eyebright, mullein, lingonberry, blueberry, barley grass, lots of plant-based hyaluronic acid, lipids, natural zeolite and other powerful natural substances clean, hydrate, smooth and relax the sensitive eye area. Swelling and signs of fatigue are reduced, the skin is tightened and moisturized, the area around the eyes appears fresher and more vital.

Duration: 25 minutes € 49.00


Pull out all the stops. This skin type-specific care program from Alpienne is the ultimate beauty kick for the face, neck, décolleté and hands. Starting with a regenerating deep cleansing, the skin is gently peeled with olive and biopir, then clarified with a cleansing tonic and treated with a wonderful serum made from barley extract, lady's mantle and brewer's yeast. After an invigorating facial massage with special pine massage hearts, the skin, eye and lip area as well as hands and nails are sustainably cared for with natural premium products. For a visibly fresher complexion and a vital radiance that lasts for a long time.

Duration: 50 minutes € 90

BeYOUtified by Rosenkind

Look forward to a fragrance journey and relax with this ultra-regenerating treatment. Plenty of rose oil, rosehip oil, rose hydrosols, a hyaluronic boost complex, the innovative icelife revital complex and exquisite, hypoallergenic anti-aging formulations let you feel the power of plant technology. The valuable plant elixirs nourish your skin, smooth out lines and wrinkles and visibly and sustainably improve your skin's protective function. The treatment consists of cleansing, peeling, mask, massage with rose quartz for the face and décolleté and an individually tailored final care. Rose quartz has a positive effect on blood circulation and the heart, and also helps with headaches. By activating the lymph channels, blockages are released and the complexion is thereby additionally smoothed and optimised.

Duration: 50 minutes € 90


Enjoy a pampering

Moisture kick for the face

Escape from your stressful everyday life and treat yourself to a few relaxing minutes. Short facial. The treatment consists of facial cleansing, peeling, moisture ampoule and a suitable final care product.

Duration: 25 minutes € 45


Renewed suppleness and resilience for your skin with luxurious caviar extract and clear sea spring water combined with an energising gemstone massage. Cleansing, peeling, massage, intensiv-ampulla, mask, day care.

Duration of the treatment: 80 minutes 
Price: € 105.-


Innovative treatment to counter accelerated skin aging.
The face and neck benefit from a combination of anti-"progeria" complex, vitamins A, B5, C + E, pro-retinol, beta-glucan, aquaxyl and jojoba and wheat germ oils. As you take a deep breath, your skin’s immune system re-energises and re-balances.

Cleansing, exfoliation, intensive ampoules, deep cleansing, massage, masks, after care treatment.

Treatment lasts around 80 minutes 
Preis: € 120,-