Beauty from head to toe

Manicure de Luxe - there is no second chance for a first impression
  • File and polish nails gently

  • Remove cuticles

  • hand peeling

  • Hand arm massage

  • nail oil

MANICURE DE LUXE 50 Min. € 50,-

alpienne footbath WALD.MEISTER

Simple cleaning is often not enough to get the stressed body and skin going again. The WALD.MEISTER footbath gives you a short holiday on soft moss, between trees, herbs and ferns - peace and freedom, strength and pure life! The skin is remineralized and intensively hydrated, blood circulation is stimulated and regeneration is activated.

Benefits: A purely plant-based energy boost for skin, muscles and joints. Intense rehydration and remineralization. Sage, thyme, rosemary and juniper ensure targeted activation.

Foot bath with peeling and foot and leg massage 25 min. € 45

  • Relaxing foot bath
  • Callus removal (treatment of pressure points, corns, ingrown nails, etc.)
  • nail care
  • Rock salt foot peeling with herbal oil or alternatively stone pine oil
  • foot massage

Pedicure € 55,-   

Nail polish € 8,-

  • Dyeing of eyebrows € 12,-
  • Dyeing of eyelashes € 15,-
  • Shaping of eyebrows € 15,-