White water adventures

Speedy rapids and bubbling rollers - there's hardly time left for a glimpse of the idyllic landscape that passes by the river's left and right. For sure the adventure-seeking have an advantage while the immense power of the waves tosses the boat around and the water spray in your face has a quite refreshing effect. The Ötztal is considered Europe's number one center for whitewater athletes. The "Imster Schlucht" ravine ranks among the most frequented river sections on the continent and is just perfect also for beginners. On the Ötztaler Ache mountain brook experienced rafting fans will find crisp white water sections that are technically challenging.


Action & adrenaline guaranteed

Canyoning involves climbing steeply-angled clefts set in a steep-sided valley, finding a way down to a rocky river bed and making your way back down to the valley by way of river – sometimes scrambling through rapids, being swept along natural rock chutes and abseiling down waterfalls.

You are with guides who know the river and waterfalls like the backs of their hands and choose the route according to the group‘s abilities and preferences. Jumps from heights up to 16 meters await you on the secured routes. This blend of water and rocks, climbing and hiking, jumping and swimming is a truly unique challenge for all senses.


Swinging, hand over hand, climbing

Balancing from one shaky tree trunk to the next, encircled by the treetops. Or gliding over the river on a cable winch to the other shore. What are we talking about? Doubtlessly about the high ropes courses and outdoor parks in Ötztal. Varied degrees of difficulty represent a true challenge even for experts and experienced sportspeople. But it also makes a unique highlight for beginners and children as they conquer the easier ropes and obstacles with a guide and the appropriate safety equipment. However, you should have a good head for heights to enjoy the awesome vistas to the full.

Während eines Tandemfluges mit einem Gleitschirm über Oetz genießen Sie die Ötztaler Alpen, Ihr Schigebiet Hochoetz, Ihr Wandergebiet Ötztal oder Ihren Badesee Piburger See - nochmals - doch diesmal aus der Vogelperspektive

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